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Our Story

We provide a wide range of corporate gifts and promotional items for you to choose from. Our mission is to provide our customers an outstanding customer service, unrivaled prices, and best quality. We have strong import and export ties internationally, making it easy to deliver goods.
What makes us special is that we deliver the right product, at the right time, at the right cost. We ensure that we offer you a tailored, one-of-a-kind service for you. We have a strong and creative team that will help your corporate gifts and promotional items find meaning. Our aim is to provide you peace of mind as we can help add value to your marketing campaigns.
We have expertise in handling any project irrespective of the size. We produce products in bulk making it easy for our clients to order more. We have extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide trending and leading corporate gifts and promotional items.
Apart from South Africa, we have manufacturing factories in China and India as well. This means that we can without any trouble deliver any promotional items and corporate gifts that you may need.

South African Manufactured

All of our custom products are manufactured in South Africa. The range of promotional items and corporate gifts can be delivered directly to your door from our factories. We make sure that these items and gifts are manufactured in accordance with your requirements. We want to give back to our community so that is why we empower the local factories. We produce locally that helps in creating jobs. The range of products we offer is extensive including:

Manufacturing goods in South Africa reduce the cost of the product and lead times as well. The manufactured items we provide are made from top-quality materials. The items we manufacture are truly South-African products that enhance your South-African identity as a brand. Along with this, it will make your brand look great.
Our factories are located in South Africa where all your ideas come to life. Our focus in on quality production and quick delivery.

Express Imports

When it comes to imports, no deadline can scare us as we survive on express orders. The custom promotional items and corporate gifts that we produce can be delivered in the shortest time. We can have the items flown from our international offices within no time. The minimum time in which you can get your product is 2 to 6 weeks. This mainly depends on your requirements for manufacturing. We can produce everything such as USB’s, silicone wristbands, soft toys, ties, scarves and mp3 Players.  All of the items are delivered at affordable prices.

Sea Freight Imports

We offer sea freight imports for all those who wants to save money. If you are on a tight budget we can deliver your promotional items or corporate gifts through a sea freight. Sea freight will be the right choice for you when you are trying to save money, especially on large orders.
It can take up from 75 to 120 days to deliver our custom manufactured promotional item and corporate gifts. For us, every order is important from the start until the end. We know how stressful it can be for you that is why we keep you updated on daily basis. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are getting the best customer service.

African Exports

We provide a wide range of products to the African Continent. Our aim is to supply products at unrivaled prices and competitive lead times. We achieve this goal with the help of our partner South Africa is considered as the entrance to Africa. By providing great quality and custom made products, we have a huge client base in many countries of Africa. They are:

We have experience in dealing with the African countries.

Corporate Branding

We don’t do the expected, we do the extraordinary for every project we take. Our aim is to get people to talk about your brand and we do this by being more than average promotional items and corporate gifting company.
Moreover, we manufacture promotional items and corporate gifts according to your requirements. The branding services we offer are: